Specialized Services

In an increasingly complex world, Kane Investigations and Risk Solutions is ready to assist businesses and private individuals in navigating and addressing intricate issues related to cyber-crimes, fraud, and financial crimes. We provide focused expertise in risk management, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. Connect with our team today to learn more about our committed approach to private investigation services.

Intelligence Services

Background Checks & Data Analysis: Our firm excels in conducting thorough background checks and sophisticated data analysis. Utilizing verified databases, we compile comprehensive profiles for informed decision-making in hiring, legal actions, and more, while our data analysis expertise supports identifying patterns and assessing risks, enhancing operational decisions across various scenarios.

Counter-Intelligence & Skip-Tracing Services: We specialize in Counter-Intelligence, offering critical support against espionage and information leaks through detailed risk assessments and modern defense strategies. Additionally, our Skip-Tracing expertise ensures the precise location of individuals or assets, combining advanced investigative techniques with access to extensive databases for unmatched accuracy and discretion.

Surveillance Services

Field Surveillance
This service comprises covert operations conducted by skilled operators using state-of-the-art surveillance equipment. It focuses on the discreet collection of visual intelligence, ensuring the acquisition of actionable data through field activities.

Technical Surveillance
This service leverages advanced technological solutions for the lawful gathering of intelligence from multiple sources, including digital footprints and online behaviors. It effectively tracks technology use and financial activities, offering an extensive and discreet surveillance capability.

specialized services

Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR)
DFIR involves the systematic process of preserving, collecting, analyzing, and reporting on digital artifacts and traces left by cyber incidents or crimes. This service employs methodologies to ensure evidence integrity, utilizing tools and techniques for data acquisition from various digital sources (computers, mobile devices, cloud storage) while maintaining a documented chain of custody. The incident response component focuses on containing breaches, eradicating threats, and restoring systems to normal operation, with a thorough post-incident analysis to prevent future incidents.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Services
TSCM services are dedicated to detecting, locating, and neutralizing electronic surveillance devices and vulnerabilities. This includes comprehensive sweeps for unauthorized electronic listening or recording devices, ensuring secure communications and protecting sensitive information. TSCM professionals employ a range of electronic, physical, and acoustic inspection techniques to identify covert surveillance equipment, employing spectrum analyzers, non-linear junction detectors, and thermal imaging technology, among others, to safeguard privacy and security.

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Open Collaboration

Kane Investigations and Risk Solutions (KIARS) is committed to collaboration, extending our work to support law enforcement agencies and industry peers, with a special focus on combating child exploitation.