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Many people feel powerless when faced with the absence of truth or are victims to financial and cyber related crimes; every second counts and our industry experts are prepared to put the power and the truth back into your hands.

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Kane Investigation and Risk Solutions LC (KIARS) is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Private Investigation and Risk Management firm founded in the Great State of Wyoming in 2023 by an Intelligence Community and Armed Forces Veteran. Despite a well-established market, this Veteran believed that disinformation and absence of information were too vast of a threat that impacts all of us equally to not act. By applying proven Intelligence Collection and Analysis methodologies from Defense and Law Enforcement sectors with moral courage to pursue the truth, security was being given back to people. Early on, it became clear that the Private Investigation Industry is a People industry. The Veteran asked himself what do people need most of all? The answer may differ from person to person, but we believe the answer is the TRUTH.

The truth is our compass, guiding us through life’s most critical decisions and protecting both our personal and commercial interests. It informs our choices in consumer goods, dietary preferences, business partnerships, financial dealings, personal connections, and legal disputes, safeguarding us against the adverse effects of criminal activities. At KIARS, we place the highest value on delivering intelligence that is not only confidential, legal, ethical, and authentic but also crystal clear, even in the face of obscurity. With KIARS, you gain access to the truth you need to navigate the complexities of modern life with confidence and security.

Building on the foundation of truth and transparency, KIARS is not just another Private Investigation firm; we are your steadfast ally in an increasingly uncertain world. Our unique blend of military precision, intelligence community insights, and law enforcement methodologies equips us with the unparalleled ability to dissect complexity, exposing the truth that lies beneath. In a landscape where information is power, our mission is to empower our clients—providing them with the intelligence necessary to make decisions that are not just informed but inspired.

At KIARS, we understand that each inquiry, each case, represents a quest for clarity and resolution. Whether navigating the intricacies of corporate espionage, unraveling the digital threads of cyber threats, or providing peace of mind through comprehensive background checks, our approach is tailored to meet the nuanced needs of those we serve. We do not merely provide answers; we deliver solutions that restore balance, ensuring that truth and justice are not ideals but realities for our clients.

In choosing KIRS, you are selecting a partner dedicated to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. A partner who recognizes that in the quest for truth, there is no compromise, only the relentless pursuit of clarity. Let us illuminate your path forward, turning uncertainty into understanding, and challenges into opportunities for growth and security.

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Our team of certified investigators and specialists stands ready to offer a wide range of Investigation and Risk Management services. From traditional surveillance to in-depth intelligence analysis, we cover territories across Wyoming and Colorado, with select services available in additional locations. With a collective experience spanning over twenty years in Intelligence Collection and Law Enforcement, we are equipped to handle your most complex challenges.

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